Mission Statement

The Trustees of the Plum Island Foundation pledge to not only to nourish the beach, but also to protect the tax base, insure the integrity of the sewer and water system and maintain uninterrupted access to all Plum Island beaches.

We are dedicated to protecting our beaches and waterways and ensuring public access and enjoyment. Together with our neighbors, we protect the distinct character of our coastal communities and inspire a commitment to Plum Island.

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Communities along the east Coast have already found out what we have yet to learn: Fixing coastal erosion is complex. It requires an understanding of coastal processes and the Army Corps of Engineers. Even after a plan is developed and federal funds secured, it will take regular meetings with the Corps’ Concord office as well as the agency’s North Atlantic Division personnel in New York.

For too long, we have been waiting for a solution to the increasing erosion. We have decided to act and hire experts and consultants that can do more than help our congressional delegation get this done. We need to work with the Army Corps of Engineers — the agency with responsibility for fixing the jetties and the erosion problem — to figure out what short- and long-term solutions will do the job.

We have hired a consultant who can provide that assistance. In addition to being an expert, Howard Marlowe and his firm have a track record of success in working with the Corps of Engineers. Marlowe & Company have helped Members of Congress schedule repairs for several coastal projects throughout the country last year. We have hired Marlowe and are turning to you for financial support.

Marlowe & Company – the Newbury Team

The Newbury team will be led by Howard Marlowe, who has over 30 years of experience as a lobbyist in Washington. He will be assisted by Steve Dye and Chris Wagner. This team has a proven track record of securing appropriations and legislative victories for clients along the East Coast.